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Rock City, Minneapolis, Kansas

    I get a number of e-mails about this site, and must explain I’m a visitor to the park only . I can’t answer questions about Rock City. I suggest people visit the official Rock City page for contact connections.
    My grandparents lived in Minneapolis, KS, when I was growing up, so Rock City is a big part of my family history and a place dear to my heart. I have photos of generations of my family sitting on these rocks…back to my great grandmother. I hope to add some of those old photos to my site someday — much like I’ve added my grandfather’s photos of his Kansas Wesleyan college geology class visiting Mushroom Rock State Park, west of Brookville, KS.
    This Rock City page is a part of some grade school curriculums. It gets lots of visitors, which pleases me. The site is popular because it shows school children enjoying the rocks.
    The day we visited we had good weather, with school buses parked and kids sitting around a park lecturer in a grassy area near the visitors’ center. We strolled among the rocks, leaving the school group behind. At one point the adults let the kids go exploring. The kids went nuts — racing to the rocks, scrambling around over the surfaces. Their enthusiasm is contagious!


Rock City is owned and operated as a park by Rock City, Inc., a local non-profit corporation. It is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, May 1 to September 1. A small admission fee is charged and used to maintain the park and offset its operating costs. Further information about Rock City can be obtained from Rock City, Inc., 1051 Ivy Road, Minneapolis, Kansas 67467 (785.392.2577).

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